User tags: wood sculptor, fine artist, wood art, woodturning 2009 Hans & Jakob Weissflog, Special Presentation at SOFA Chicago, IL 2007-09 Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Exposition, New York, NY. In the early 1990s, the work of Hans Weissflog appeared on to the International woodturning scene, creating a sensation. Hans Weissflog studied mechanical engineering and design before devoting himself to woodturning, and he brings these disciplines to his work, literally pushing the boundaries of. Hans Weissflog (25mn) German Artist This file is the lightest for a quick download and.

Hans J. Weissflog, as a woodturner and designer, belongs to a small group of renewers of an often only nostalgic and curatorial pursued craft. Hans Weissflog Saturn Box with Loose Rings in the Lid : Open: Carter & Rosand How to Teach Woodturning : Today’s Students in Action : Brian Simmons Turning a Sphere Tags: Hans; Weissflog; wood; fine; art; woodturning; sculpture; turning-wood; contemporary; artist; woodart; beyondwood; License: Standard YouTube License Craft Supplies USA is North Americas premier full service woodturning tool and supply company. Hans Weissflog (Germany) Having established himself as one of the few woodturning professionals to derive. With over 22 years of experience serving woodturners, we have everything you need. His small, intricate box forms were linked to traditions. Klein und Fein? (German for ?small and fine?) is my motto.
With his work, the creating of

Hans Weissflog

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